End of the Quarter Schedule

End of the Quarter Schedule

At American English Language School in Los Angeles, our ESL program has six different levels. Each level of our ESL program is 12 weeks. Before students begin their ESL class, they will take a placement test. This placement test will allow us to assess each student’s reading, listening, and speaking skills, so students will be able to be in a class with other students at their level. 

After students have been placed in their classes, they will get to know their classmates and teachers while going over different topics to help students understand how to better work, live, or study in the United States. In each quarter (12 weeks) of our ESL program, the 11th week is known as our finals week. During this week, all of our students will be reviewing what they have learned in the previous weeks to prepare for their final exam. Students will complete various activities during this week to check for understanding of the material and to build on what they already learned. 

Students will participate in Culture Week after finals week. Culture Week is always held during the 12th week of the program. Students will be able to go see a movie, shop, visit a museum, have a potluck with the other students, and do other activities. This is our students’ time to celebrate after completing their final test. 

When Culture Week is finished, students will have a one-week break before the next quarter starts. Students will be able to enjoy their time off however they please. We encourage all of our students to continue to practice their English during their break time.  

The next quarter will begin on Tuesday, January 3, 2023. Our morning ESL schedule is Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 12:50 pm. To apply for our next quarter, visit our website American English Language School, or email info@aels.edu today!

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Published on December 20, 2022

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