Winter Idioms

Winter Idioms

Idioms are phrases that English speakers use in everyday conversation, but don’t always make sense if they are pulled apart, word by word. Here are some common idioms that are associated with things involving the season of winter to add to your conversational vocabulary. 

1.    Dead of winter 

This idiom is associated with the coldest and darkest part of winter. 

For example: I forgot my coat in the dead of winter! 

2.    To be on thin ice 

This idiom means to be in a risky situation because when you walk on thin ice, there is a chance that you may fall into icy water and die. 

For example: The children were on thin ice because their teacher had told them to stop talking many times. 

3.    To break the ice 

This idiom, unlike a lot of idioms, takes a positive route. We use this idiom when we say something or do something to stop the awkwardness of introductions so that they are easier. 

For example: During the first ESL class, our teacher had us break the ice by playing games so that we were more comfortable speaking with each other. 

4.    To run hot and cold 

This idiom is used when we believe that someone keeps changing their mind from one extreme to another. We also will use this idiom to mean that someone is acting friendly to one person and acting rudely to another. 

For example: She keeps running hot and cold about whether she wants to have a dinner party or not. 

5.     As snug as a bug in a rug 

Unlike most idioms associated with winter, this idiom has to do with staying warm and beating the winter cold. We use this idiom to mean when someone is very comfortable and warm. 

For example: They were as snug as a bug in a rug in front of the fireplace. 

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Published on January 9, 2023

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