Valentine's Day Idioms


Idioms are phrases that English speakers use in everyday conversation, but don’t always make sense if they are pulled apart, word by word. Here are some common idioms that are associated with things involving Valentine’s Day themes to add to your conversational vocabulary. 

1.    Match made in heaven 

This idiom is about a romantic couple that is so similar to one another that it seems as though their purpose in life is to be together. We also use this phrase to describe objects or food that go well together. 

For example: I’m so glad they are getting married, they are a match made in heaven! 

2.    Puppy love 

This idiom describes a type of love that seems like the loyalty a dog shows its owner or it can describe a love where the person is immature and the love is not very serious. 

For example: Teenagers should not get married because they are usually experiencing puppy love. 

3.    Head over heels 

This idiom uses the idea of when people fall in love. However, this idiom takes it a step further because it describes a person that is so in love that they fall so hard they do a somersault. 

For example: He is head over heels in love with his wife. 

4.    Love at first sight 

This idiom is used when a person falls in love instantly when they first see a person. 

For example: When I saw her at the beach, it was love at first sight. 

5.     Love is blind 

We use this idiom when we think a person that is in love struggles to see the flaws in the person they love. 

For example: His girlfriend isn’t pretty, but I guess love is blind. 

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Published on February 10, 2023

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