Valentine's Day Phrases


Every February 14th is a well-known holiday called Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s day is a day when we celebrate love and friendship. People send their friends gifts and cards to show their love and admiration, while couples like to celebrate by gifting each other flowers, chocolates, cards, and jewelry. If you are learning English, you will hear a common phrase about love: “I love you.” People use this phrase all the time to express their feelings toward each other. However, you can use many other phrases (and will likely hear them from others) on Valentine’s Day. Keep reading to learn some common phrases about love. 

1.      Love at first sight: People will use this phrase for their significant other to explain how they fell in love with that person right away.

2.      Puppy love: This phrase is typically used for younger love from an adult's perspective.

3.      Head over heels: You can use this phrase to mean you or someone is very much in love with someone.

4.      Love is blind: They say when you love someone, you don’t see anything wrong with them. So while others may find a friend’s significant other has an annoying habit, the friend is so in love they do not notice the habit others find irritating.

5.      Lovesick: You can describe someone as “lovesick” if they like someone so much they are always thinking and talking about them.

6.      A match made in heaven: The phrase a match made in heaven can be used to describe a couple who you feel are perfect for each other.

7.      Tie the knot: Most simply, tie the know means to get married.

8.      An old flame: A person you once dated can be referred to as an old flame.

9.      Carry a torch for someone: If you carry a torch for someone, it means you are in love with them. However, carrying a torch does not mean you are in love with a partner; sadly, this phrase usually refers to someone who is in love with someone who does not feel the same way as them.

10.   Wear your heart on your sleeve: This phrase is used to describe someone who shows their emotions freely rather than hiding how they feel.

These are some common phrases you’ll hear about love. Our ESL program will help you better understand complicated phrases and how to use them. If you are thinking of enrolling in an ESL course in the Los Angeles or Orange County area, visit our website American English Language School, or email today!

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Published on February 14, 2023

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