ESL Program Review

ESL Program Review

American English Language School’s ESL program has various levels, from Basic to Level 5. Each level of our ESL course is 12 weeks, and this month will be the last month of our first quarter of 2023. The quarter started in January and will end in March. Our next quarter will begin on Monday, April 3. 

In our ESL program, students will learn about various topics each week. Throughout our ESL course, students will learn about various topics to help them learn to live, study, or work in the United States. While teachers will review various reading, listening, writing, and grammar activities throughout the quarter, our ESL course focuses on communication in the classroom. 

The topics that students will cover vary by their level. Each week, students will focus on a topic and have a test at the end of the week. Teachers will cover some common topics: education, health, shopping, goals, government, and many more. Students will go over reading activities and listening activities and have plenty of discussions with their fellow students. This is why we strive to keep our classes small, so students will have ample opportunities to practice their listening and speaking skills. 

During the 6th week of our ESL program, students will review what they learned in the previous weeks. Teachers will do various activities with their students to help students to prepare for their midterm at the end of the week. In the 11th week of our ESL program, students will review what they learned in the second half of the quarter. 

The last week of our ESL program is Culture Week. Students will participate in various local activities and be able to practice what they learned throughout the quarter. Our students look forward to our upcoming Culture Week to have some fun after finals. 

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Published on March 1, 2023

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