TOEFL Test Tips

TOEFL Test Tips

As we have previously mentioned, the TOEFL is a test that many dread. Many test takers also need to achieve a certain score which can lead to more stress about the test. The TOEFL may be challenging and is not a test you can prepare for overnight. The earlier you can start preparing and studying, the better. However, some may not know how to prepare for the test. To help you to get started, here are a few tips to help you to improve your TOEFL score. 

1.      Read every day, as much as possible. The TOEFL will have reading passages with some difficult vocabulary. The more you read, the more you can build your reading comprehension skills, and it will expose you to new vocabulary. It will also help you to learn about new subjects and concepts.

2.      Practice taking notes. The TOEFL listening and writing section will have audio clips of lectures and conversations between students. You will only be able to listen to the audio once, so note taking skills will be beneficial to you.

3.      Listen to podcasts/radio/news in English. This is another important tip for improving your TOEFL listening score because it will help you to feel more comfortable listening to native English speakers. Being able to listen and comprehend what the speakers are saying will help you during the listening section of the test.

4.      Take practice tests. There are countless TOEFL preparation tips and tools you can find on the internet. If you are taking the test for the first time, it is always a good idea to familiarize yourself with the test structure beforehand. That way you know what to expect, and it gives you a better idea of how to prepare. Another benefit is you can see which sections of the test you may need to focus on more to help improve your score. 

While some may find studying by themselves helpful, some students find it more beneficial to enroll in a TOEFL preparation course to help them achieve their desired score. If you are interested in finding more information about enrolling in a TOEFL course in Los Angeles or Orange County, visit our website American English Language School, or email!

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Published on April 21, 2023

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