Learning English at AELS

Learning English at AELS

The United States has traditionally been a popular destination for international students who wish to improve their English language skills. Potential students may wish to study in the U.S. for a variety of reasons, such as the diverse culture or quality education offered. If you are thinking about studying in the U.S., American English Language School’s ESL program can help you to better communicate effectively in English. Whether for academic, professional, or personal reasons, strengthening your English reading, listening, writing, and speaking skills can open up more opportunities to help you be successful. 

At AELS, our instructors are native English speakers who have experience in teaching English as a second language. Their expertise and our small class sizes ensure you will receive additional support when needed, making your learning journey more effective and enjoyable. Furthermore, being in a small class will provide you with countless opportunities to practice and improve your language skills to help you to build confidence in social situations, allowing you to create meaningful connections. 

Another advantage of enrolling in an ESL class is to help with the language skills needed to excel in academic settings. If you are trying to enroll in a university, you will need to be able to understand lectures, be able to partake in discussions, and write research papers. One of the advantages of our ESL program is our College Pathway Program which allows students who have completed Level 5 of our ESL program (the highest of 6 levels) to be accepted to schools we have agreements with without taking the TOEFL. Here is where you can find more information about AELS- College Pathway Program. 

By enrolling in ESL classes at AELS, you can start your journey to become a confident English speaker. Improved English skills enable you to communicate effectively with people from different cultures, fostering understanding and collaboration. If you are thinking of enrolling in an ESL course in the Los Angeles or Orange County area, visit our website American English Language School, or email info@aels.edu today!

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Published on August 18, 2023

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