The American Way: Do It On Your Own - It's Not Rocket Science!

The American Way: Do It On Your Own - It

You've probably seen plenty of advertisements for agencies who say they will help you navigate the difficult and intimidating process of getting your visa to attend a language school in the U.S. Perhaps you've even used one of these agencies yourself in the past because you were worried that you wouldn't know how to fill out the forms or what steps to take. Most language schools choose to recruit students through agencies for that reason. However, Optimus Language School only rarely uses agencies to recruit students for a few different reasons. 


The most important reason, the one that none of the agencies want you to realize, is that the visa process is actually very easy. Agencies often try to frighten students into believing they cannot do it on their own and that they must go through an agency, because that is how these agencies are able to make money and stay in business. But, that really isn't true at all. With a few instructions from us, students can complete the whole process themselves and feel more confident because they understand how simple the process really is. By not going through an agency, our tuition stays lower because we do not need to compensate for the money the agency will charge us. So, in the end, students are actually saving money.


In addition to the way agencies intimidate customers, another reason why Optimus chooses not to use agencies is because they incorrectly lead their students into believing that the I-20 form they would get from other, more costly institutions is somehow different than the I-20 form they would receive from Optimus Language School in Orange County. Regardless of which schools they are issued by, all I-20 forms are the same and are processed the same way. They are all approved by the Department of Homeland Security (SEVIS) no matter whether they come from UCLA, Kaplan, or Optimus, meaning there is absolutely no benefit to paying higher tuition as far as the visa process goes.


Although students often think they must go through an agency in order to complete the visa process, that simply isn't true. Optimus Language School in Orange County, California would be happy to help you directly apply for our school and get through the visa process easily.


Published on July 8, 2016

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